Admin Info

These are the commands available to the bot admins

Command Description
/msg Idle INFO Retrieves some fairly useless stats about the bot.
/msg Idle DIE Kills the bot.
/msg Idle HOG Summon the Hand of God spell.
/msg Idle RESTART Restarts the bot.
/msg Idle CHPASS [char name] [new password] Change a character password.
/msg Idle CHCLASS [char name] [new class name] Change a character class.
/msg Idle CHUSER [char name] [new char name] Change a character username. Please only use in very special circumstances; otherwise, have them form a new player and DEL the old one. This should not let you overwrite an existing account, but is untested.
/msg Idle PUSH [char name] [seconds] Push a player toward his goal by subtracting time from his next time to level. Please use this only if bot has mistakenly penalized someone. You could also use this to punish a user by setting the number of seconds to a negative number. Don't do that.
/msg Idle DEL [char name] Delete a character.
/msg Idle JUMP [server:port] Move the bot to another server.
/msg Idle SILENT [mode] Switch bot between 4 modes of silence:
  • mode 0, bot sends all privmsgs.
  • mode 1, only chanmsg() is disabled.
  • mode 2, only privmsg()/notice() to non-channels is disabled.
  • mode 3, privmsgs/notices to users and channels are disabled.
/msg Idle BACKUP Tell bot to copy $opts{'dbfile'} to .dbbackup/$opts{'dbfile'}TIMESTAMP.
/msg Idle RELOADDB Force bot to reload the player database file, rewriting all memory. Can only be used while in pause mode.
/msg Idle PAUSE Toggle pause mode.
/msg Idle DELOLD [days] Remove all non-logged-in accounts inactive in the last specified days.
/msg Idle CLEARQ Clear the outgoing message queue. Useful to use if someone floods the bot with a lot of text that it plans to respond to.
/msg Idle MKADMIN [username] Set the isadmin flag for a given username..